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1000 mAh eGo BATTERY Purely Vapor Tampa

1000 mAh eGo BATTERY

This eGo style manual top charge battery comes with a 1000mAh capacity, giving you approximately 9-10 hours use before needing to re-charge.

The eGo style batteries can be switched on or completely off with five clicks of the manual button, eliminating the need for button protectors and the risk of accidental activation in storage.

It has strengthened short circuit protection and over discharge protection based on personal vaporizer batteries and there is a device inside to prevent overcharging.

The 1000mAh battery is available in black, blue, brushed steel, red, pink, purple and green.


  • Charge Hold: 9-10 hours

  • Avg. Charging Time: 3 hours

  • Avg. Puffs Per Charge: 1000 – 1050 puffs

  • Voltage Input: DC 5V, 420 mA; Output: DC ≈3.7V ± 0.4V

  • Voltage Output: 4.2V (fully charged) and as the battery drains, the voltage will also decrease down to about 3.2V before shutting off completely.